Letter from Doug Ford, candidate for Ontario Premier, to North American Platform Against Windpower

March 1, 2018

After 15 long years of Liberal mismanagement, this province is a mess. Now, more than ever, we need a strong and decisive leader; someone who will put the interests of the people ahead of any political agenda. I am the only leadership candidate that has been unequivocal since day one – I will axe the carbon tax!

I have heard the voices of rural Ontario loud and clear. I know that life is becoming more and more difficult. I have watched the high cost of power send good jobs out of Ontario. I know that we cannot afford another day of the Wynne government. These hardships are the result of bad policies from a government that is concerned only with staying in power.

The Liberals' disastrous energy policy, the Green Energy Act, and the lucrative subsidies given to “renewables" – especially inefficient wind energy – have cost our province dearly. Thanks to heavily-subsidized and over-priced wind power that we do not need, electricity rates have skyrocketed. People across our province are faced with the highest electricity prices in North America. This is killing our economy and crippling the hard-working people of rural Ontario. It is disgraceful that many are being forced to choose between heating and eating. Situations like the contamination of formerly pristine water in wells in Chatham Kent, for example, are completely unacceptable. Families having to abandon their homes because of wind developers is unacceptable.

As Premier, I would create a new energy plan for Ontario that puts health and safety first, involves consultation with known and independent experts in turbine impacts and energy best practices, and does not involve dumping excess and completely unneeded wind turbine and solar energy to the US at massive costs. I would also work with impacted persons in Ontario to explore possible remediation.

Friends, the stakes have never been higher. I assure you that when I am premier of our great province, the proud people of rural Ontario will once again have a voice. With your support, we will clean up this mess and usher in a new age of economic prosperity – one that will benefit each and every resident of Ontario. We need to put hard working Ontarians and small businesses ahead of the interests of political elites.

Let's take back our province together!

Doug Ford

[Doug Ford became Premier of Ontario on June 29, 2018.]

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