Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy New Year from NAPAW

Dear Friends, Colleagues,

Thank you for your commitment and support in this fight, which is more like a war.

Many accomplishments this year. At this time we especially think of those whose homes are not habitable., whose water is contaminated, over 40 wells in Ontario alone, whose communities have been pummeled with discord. We also remember the millions of creatures, flying and ground, who are no longer here, some species at critical level depletion. We deeply thank you for all of the individual and group actions that have led to increased knowledge of the issues. We KNOW great strides have been achieved. The list of achievements is too long for this message, but you all know what they are.

This is a time to reflect on the very many successes in keeping turbines away from our communities.

Renewed vigor in the New Year! Wishing you Christmas blessings and peace!