Losing It All: The Story of Boye Jensen

Speech, June 3, 2019, Hvide Sande on the west coast of Jutland
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Boye Jensen, owner of Lammefjordens Perennials

The neighbourhood of giant wind turbines had disastrous consequences for my business, the employees, myself, and not least my wife. Fourteen days after the giant wind turbines started operation, we noticed the first vibrations in our bodies as we lay in our beds. It gave us a “lousy” sleep.

After approximately 10 months we realized that if we were to survive this nightmare, we had to sleep somewhere else. We rented a smaller apartment 3 km away.

During the season we had 6 people come from Lithuania. They lived in the nursery's second home almost right next to our own home. Fourteen days after arriving, they also felt vibrations in their bodies.

A year after the giant wind turbines started, my female employees found out that they all had changes with their cycle. The menstruation and cycle had become irregular and it was just being at work during normal working hours which constituted approx. 1/4 of our time. The Lithuanian women employees who lived and worked at the nursery had even more problems with their cycles. They had almost no cycle for they were bleeding almost constantly.

It was a completely crazy discovery my women [made here] and when Holbæk Municipality still rejected all the complaints on the basis that the noise measurement showed that the limit values were met - Yes it must be us: 15-20 people who had a problem.

I then approached the official, who is the National Board of Health’s extended arm in the country. It was going to be a very disappointing experience. He obviously wanted nothing to do with the case and only after 5-6 months and many jerks [false starts], he referred me to the Labour Inspectorate [Arbejdstilsynet], who informed me that if there was a case between one of my employees and me, I would be asked to make mitigation measures for the employees. Because I was responsible for my employees.

I never got an answer on how to make mitigation measures for 2 giant turbines standing 550 meters from the nursery.

For all the Lithuanian employees, everything was normalized again 2-3 months after returning to Lithuania.

Obviously, we had sought a doctor, but my doctor had never been told by the National Board of Health about “problems for neighbours close to giant windmills.”

What should the poor doctor do? Yes, there is only prescribing soothing and antidepressant medications for one, and this happened. This was totally ineffective. Only by pulling down the wind turbines or deploying them 50 km away would there be safety and relief.

In addition to vibrations in the body and cycle changes, we also experienced distinct audible tones. These clearly audible tones were terribly bothersome to all of my outdoor working colleagues and can, without reservation, be equated with torture.

You never knew when they came or when they disappeared. They came and went, and you thought all the time when they weren’t there, when did it start again?

The clear audible tones must not be there at all and even though the municipality’s environmental case officer during the noise measurement clearly indicated that there were strong clear audible tones, the noise measurement company was indifferent and simply wrote in the report that no clear audible tones were recorded in the measurement.

But, after all, the company’s many complaints to the Municipality of Holbæk caused Holbæk’s then Mayor to represent the Environment Committee at Christiansborg, and that was the municipality in November in 2013, in which I also participated.

Here, the “Environment Committee” at that time asked the mayor to measure low-frequency noise directly inside our homes. It has never been allowed before and would be the first time in the world to measure low-frequency noise directly indoors in a home.

It should have turned out to be the death sentence of the company.

It could be a huge problem for the Wind turbine industry that direct indoor low frequency noise measurements should be made in my 2 homes. My contact with the Danish world-renowned acoustics researcher Professor Henrik Møller, AAU [Aalborg University], was also a problem for the Wind turbine industry, because he had just invented a low frequency noise meter. The researchers would like to take the measurements or let us borrow the low-frequency noise meter. The possibility that this apparatus would show catastrophic overruns was far too great for the wind turbine industry. The wind turbine industry could not live with the fact that I had a legitimate right to noise meter in my own home with this appliance.

Vattenfall, which was the mill owner, and the wind turbine industry had to make this noise measurement impossible as the highest priority in the world and, in particular, that Professor Henrik Møller’s measuring apparatus showed no harm. (Perhaps we do not even know whether the Professor measured the lowest, most energetic frequencies down to 0 Hz, without a filter. The device had been damaged.)

In May 2014, Kaj Bank Olesen presents horrible pictures of poor mink puppies in droves. It showed us what we eventually knew: that it was bloody serious, to have housing and a workplace so close to giant wind turbines.

What was I supposed to do? [I also] had women [employees] who could get pregnant. Also, I had one who got pregnant and was sent home immediately. But had the damage already happened to this woman???

It wasn’t all that hard to think about, so I considered changing the company so that only older men were employed who were over their reproductive age.

But I didn’t have to think about it, because Vattenfall and the wind turbine industry had made a plan together with my bank connection etc., which meant that the bank would immediately ask for the repayment of my operating credit of approx. 2m [assuming Krone, and that would be US$207,540], and I would then need to file for bankruptcy.

I might have raised the money, but with the prospect of being freed from the inhuman responsibility I had, I chose to let it happen. Mostly so that we could all escape alive from this nightmare.

I had far too much value in my property, and that is why there is now a bankruptcy that is unparalleled. I reproduced it in the video “The Ultimate Justice Murder.” It has more elements in it than the Børge Nielsen case, which anyone can probably remember.

A secret agreement is made, as stated in the housing statement, which aims to secure Vattenfall’s landlord Hagesholm Estate, to be able to take over my properties without any buildings, so that no people or people in that area had worked or lived in that area any longer.

This meant that the two homes and 13 operating buildings had to be demolished. And they did so, on the pretext that all the buildings were dilapidated. [It was rubber-stamped by] Holbæk Municipality and the Danish Nature and Business Agency.

In the bankruptcy I could not get an appointed lawyer, settled by the court without justification.

The curator deceived the estate by 4m, simply by changing the text in the inventory.

The curator’s own appraiser would testify on my behalf regarding the fraud on the 4m. But the court ruled that there must be no witnesses in such cases.

I reported fraud to the police for the 4m. One month after the police received testimony from the assessor, the police informed me that there is no need for further investigation into the case. My complaint against the police decision dismisses the liability of the Attorney General. I usually say: The last hole in the dam had to be completely closed and the State Attorney made sure. So my options were exhausted.

I had over 25 witnesses who would testify that all that the trustee has written is a pure lie and that he had in no way complied with the bankruptcy law; but again, the court refused to use witnesses in such cases.

You ask yourself, Is the judiciary completely upside down? I think the judiciary is a corrupt accomplice in this secret deal.

The buildings were removed from the earth’s surface and as expected, the land was only offered to Vattenfall’s landlord Hagesholm Estate: have you ever seen such a display of arrogance? The landlord said to the regional newspaper: I (Mr. Jensen) got a good offer from the curator.

That was the end of my business Lammefjordens Stauder. The trustee managed to charge me 1m debt while he got 1.5m from Vattenfall [which is Swedish state owned] for his assistance?

One ... is ... losing a business in a deeply criminal way, I think it was criminal. But it is something else to lose one’s beloved wife and life companion. She had a cardiac arrest in Sept. 2017 and died.

I have ever since, in my mind, suspected the giant windmills and today after the announcement from KB’s study [Kræftens Bekæmpelse] that the turbines can affect cardiovascular function, I have no doubt that my wife left early due to this crazy neighbourhood.

Thanks for the opportunity,

Boye Jensen

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