Nuclear and More Nuclear, Says Ontario Energy Minister Todd Smith

By Sherri Lange — Mar 1, 2024

Minister Todd Smith, Energy, Ontario, explains Ontario’s growing pains, and provides fresh perspectives with the province’s look to cost savings, and massive corrections for past energy “sins”; he offers a snapshot of the province’s renewables “path too taken,” too obviously wrong, obsolete, harmful, non-performing wind (and solar).

He’s seeing Nuclear, and more new Nuclear. He doesn’t see wind and solar. (Our view is that his comments on Net Zero and assumptions that this is meaningful, useful, or even remotely possible, require correction. There is NO climate emergency, Minister. Net Zero policies are economic and environmental suicide.)

Key points of the Smith interview with Dr. Chris Keefer:

Minister Smith explains the intermittency problem, the instability problem, and the unbelievable “cost problem” of industrial wind: see from 12:17.

Unstable: Intermittent: The cost of industrial wind projects to the province is 6 billion a year; and 300,000 jobs lost.

New directions, or focused attention on nuclear and SMR (small modular reactors) will help to change the disastrous course of Ontario’s last decade of waste, obscene environmental harm, including harm to people, and of course, create energy economics that work.

Thank you, Minister.

Given the recommendations and return to energy sanity proposed by Minister Smith, we recommend a complete elimination of all industrial wind facilities in Ontario, immediately. Restore the land, air and water, restore our communities.

Another (short, ~10 minutes) video rounds out Minister Smith’s comments: “Why renewables are rubbish”:

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