October 16, 2012

Industrial privilege has overreached the express wishes of the people

The North American Platform Against Wind Power issued this statement today, reflecting on the resignation of Premier Dalton McGuinty, yesterday.

“We call on all parties for an immediate moratorium on not only industrial wind in the province of Ontario, but also the planning and construction of transmission lines related to those projects, as well as a total review of energy policy in the province,” said Sherri Lange, CEO of NA-PAW. “Energy efficiencies and conservation have been completely disregarded in a daring, now seen as ‘dangerous’, years-long dalliance with ‘green economics’ that has led to joblessness, community disruption, homes abandoned, and people with serious health problems. These policies have also led to invasive and ugly fragmentation of Nature, something that resonates deeply with the people of Ontario. This is an unfortunate and unnecessary legacy. With more plans materializing every day, time is of the essence for reflection and pause.”

Lange pointed out the dizzying scope of the province’s pell-mell rush to renewables, and the energy sprawl of industrial wind and its associated transmission and substations, that has reached into wetlands, important bird areas, plans to allow a vast array of turbines in the Great Lakes, 20% of the world’s remaining fresh waters, Crown Land proposals, prime agricultural land and pristine recreational spaces. “There has been no space at all that has been off limits, or sacred. People in Ontario have had to fight to protect nature on an unprecedented scale of time and energy,” she said. “And it is no mistake that the furor over two gas plants inappropriately placed and devised, mirrors the provincial anger over misguided and wasteful wind energy projects.”

Plans for industrial wind also reach to the shores of Lake Superior where the Group of Seven documented the mystical “face” of Canada. Further afield, Campobello Island, New Brunswick, is also targeted, much to the dismay of locals, who cherish this pristine land and former summer home to President Roosevelt. Coast to coast, industrial privilege has overreached the express wishes of the people. Ontario has captured the position of “most aggressive province” with respect to the proliferation of wind factories. There has been no overall or even minute “benefit” to mankind or Nature in this proliferation. Industrial wind’s intermittency (and expensiveness) continues to cause economic woes and the need for more powerful back up. Lange points to Germany, whose renewables policy is in shambles, with record high energy rates, and a development now of 16 more coal plants.

On receiving the news of McGuinty’s resignation, Lange further expressed that in her view this government’s creation of additional energy waste, the squander on “green” projects that result in higher energy bills that are completely unnecessary, and the devastation of land, people’s homes and health, is “exceptional” in irresponsibility. “Many people,” she added, will be receiving the news of this resignation with a prayer that the current ‘energy damage’ in the province may soon find closure.”

NA-PAW will continue to work with other groups around the world to end the notion that industrial wind produces meaningful amounts of power and is “green.” “Job losses in Spain show that 2.2 are lost for every so called ‘green job’ produced and Italy’s losses are even greater at 5.4 lost per so called ‘green job’.” Lange added, “The lack of restraint and caution with respect to industrializing large swaths of Ontario, as one example, will prove to cost not only the economy, but to lost generations of their right to jobs, a safe environment, enjoyment, community prosperity and health.” “Given the current understanding of the failure of the Green Energy and Economy Act in Ontario, and this policy’s addition to the staggering debt, let this be a time to push the pause button and enact a Province wide moratorium, not just on offshore, but onshore as well. With over 90 calls for moratoria in the province of Ontario that should signal very strongly to the new Premier and his/her cabinet, that serious, prudent, and deep energy policy change is immediately necessary and long overdue.”

Sherri Lange
CEO, NA-PAW (North American Platform Against Wind Power) www.na-paw.org
Founding Director, Toronto Wind Action
Executive Director, Canada, Great Lakes Wind Truth
VP Canada, Save the Eagles International
+1 416 567 5115 (Canada)


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