October 29, 2012

Ontario family has suffered enough: Calls for full public inquiry

The North American Platform Against Wind Power issued this statement today, on behalf of Ted and Cheryl Whitworth.

In a peculiar and dramatically open shifting in responsibilities, Ministry of Environment is now referring families made ill from wind turbines to its local Health Unit. But the Public Health Units clearly state that they do not have the capability to handle wind turbine health related matters.

A letter from one Ontario Public Health unit states, “Our public health unit does not have the recourse, resources or expertise to monitor the health effects of turbines and seek the type of remedy you are looking for. To circumvent or intervene with the processes already in place...would be highly problematic for effectively serving the public in accordance with our public health protocols and directives.”

This is concerning for the Whitworth family. The Whitworths have been living with environmental noise and electrical pollution since the start-up of the Melancthon Wind Project in 2006 and it’s destroying them. Melancthon is subsidized by both the federal ecoENERGY Fund and the Ontario government.

The Whitworth’s have filed complaints and had on-going meetings and phone calls with Ontario Ministry of Environment for six years. Ted Whitworth reports that frequently he and his wife are awakened with palpitations, shaking and a sense of panic. This compounds the headaches, nausea, and tinnitus that reflect universal symptomatology around the world. Several family members cannot live in the home, and there are serious health reproductive problems with prize herds of goats and cattle, as well as the unexplained premature death of two prize animals recently imported from the U.S.

“We intend to expose the bureaucratic loops and deafening silence with respect to pleas for help that families in ill health are reporting, one family at a time, if need be,” says Lange of North American Platform Against Wind Power. “There can be no doubt that the refusal of the province to accept a letter from the family’s physician, while accepting a report from the vet on the status of failing livestock health, is tantamount to a systemic stonewalling. This family has suffered immeasurably. It is emotionally and financially drained.”

Due to the lack of resolution of the Whitworth family and hundreds of other Ontario families torn apart by wind turbine noise, infrasound, vibration and electrical pollution lead Canadian researcher Carmen Krogh has requested a public inquiry at the federal level.

NA-PAW is adding its voice to this call. The time has come.

“We cannot wait. Families are suffering, there are no resources, and the no man’s land between government responsibilities is an abyss. We need a full and open inquiry, with no building of turbines until these serious health issues are investigated and dealt with,” says Ted Whitworth.


Sherri Lange
CEO NA-PAW (North American Platform Against Wind Power)
Founding Director, Toronto Wind Action
Executive Director, Canada, Great Lakes Wind Truth
VP Canada, Save the Eagles International
Sherri Lange +1 416 567 5115 (Canada)

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