NA-PAW calls behavior of Health Officer Chua Xiong disgraceful

Calls for a full public enquiry

Before papering her final decision that there were “no links between human health effects and turbines,” Xiong in an FOI refers to needing Tylenol as a preventative for the migraines she gets when visiting the Shirley Wind Project, Glenmore, Brown County, Wisconsin.

North American Platform Against Wind Power

March 22, 2016

“Carolyn the times I have been out there by the Wind Turbines, l get such migraine headaches. I think I should take some preventative Tylenol before I head out there.”

This, and then following, a mere month later, Ms. Xiong’s assertions and papering of an opinion that there are no ill health effects possible from industrial wind, specifically the Shirley project, where there has been an almost Biblical recording of human suffering. Ms. Xiong made her astonishing declaration that there is “currently” no scientific based research or evidence to indicate negative health impacts from industrial wind projects. Ms. Xiong completely ignored the sworn affidavits representing over 50 ill residents, recorded over a year, meticulously gathered and coorelated to studies, and also referenced to significant peer reviews; she agreed only to monitor “annually.” This decision was “final,” she indicated. This “out of reality” decision despite the fact that the Board of Health had admonished that afflicted families should benefit from immediate emergency aid/housing.

It was apparently irrelevant to this officer of health that the families of Brown County prepared sworn affidavits and documented past and continued migraines and ill health, and that the Board of Health’s assessment was that the project was indeed a “public health hazard.” Ms. Xiong’s categorical oppositional judgement and negation of their obvious turbine impacts, has left residents reeling.

Migraines are commonly accepted symptoms of proximity to industrial wind projects as pointed out by Swedish Otoneurologist, Dr. Hakan Enbom. The famed American paediatrician, Dr. Nina Pierpont, has also identified three risk or susceptibility factors of Wind Turbine Syndrome, notably, one being migraines.

The impact of the discovery of the FOI documents related to the behaviour and decisions of Ms. Xiong, some of which implicate incorrect and even possible fraudulent statements in research, and certainly which negate the relatively well known impacts and documentation on ill health world wide, is enormous. “Why,” said Sherri Lange of NA-PAW, “is this in your face “lie” allowed to stand without scrutiny in law?” “Why would residents have any faith at all in their ability to trust health professionals of this kind?”

Health officers have the responsibility to “optimize” positive health over lifespans, for residents. From its website: “The Brown County Health Department protects and promotes individual and community health through education, regulation and leadership to empower community members to attain well-being across the lifespan.”

Given the abject failure of this Officer of Health to perform duties, we ask the Legal department of Brown County to examine the Charter, conduct a survey of the conduct of Ms. Xiong and any other related parties in the Health Department, who by their actions and non actions are increasing the depth of suffering of the residents of Brown County. We request that afflicted residents be compensated until such time as the offending wind project is removed or mitigated to the satisfaction of residents. NA-PAW further calls for a full and open public enquiry into the process and activities followed by Ms. Xiong and her staff.

“The time when officers of health can irresponsibly re-create human health history in their own pro wind bias, possibly under guidance or influence of the industry itself, ignore the impacts recorded in human bodies by the victims themselves, and use bogus literature reviews, and arrogant statements that have no basis in fact whatsoever, are done. It is time for these custodians of human health to step up and protect, not negate, ignore, and obfuscate.” added Lange, “ Or let them face the legal implications of this behavior. “Let it be further noted,” Lange said, “that aiding and abetting, if there has been this, may be prosecuted and punishable as if the person has directly committed an act.”

Mr. Jim Vanden Boogart, President of Brown County Citizens for Responsible Wind Energy (BCCRWE), told NA-PAW: “On behalf of BCCRWE I submitted 85% of the many scores of credible documents to Ms. Xiong. I can confidently assure you that her review process, the work product that resulted, and her conclusion are wholly without merit and contrary to the evidence she had at her disposal.”

NA-PAW encourages the complete exposure of all the facets of this neglect of duty by Ms. Xiong, with the benefit of the enquiry. “This story of obfuscation is not new in a Health Department with respect to industrial wind, sadly. It may be, however, the most recently exposed, and one of the most flagrantly arrogant and incompetent examples to date.”


Sherri Lange
CEO, North American Platform Against Wind Power

Jim Vanden Boogart
President, Brown County Citizens for Responsible Wind Energy


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Additional Information:

Some video material recording the effects on the residents of Shirley Wind, Brown County, Wisconsin:

Cappelle Family:
Schauer Family:
Tenor Family:
Ashley Family:
Ashenbrenner Family:

Each video includes an earlier and a later video recording of the same family, with the later recording being a follow-up update made 1-2 years after the earlier video. Here’s an overview of each family:

Cappelle Family: Home located 1300 feet from closest wind turbine Abandoned their home due to health impacts. Moved into a small home in a local community, while continuing to pay taxes, utilities, and mortgage on the abandoned home. Could not sustain the economic burden, so eventually had to try to sell their home, which was their grandparent’s homestead. Could not find a buyer, eventually sustaining large financial loss when bank foreclosed on the home and sold at sheriff’s auction.

Schauer Family: Home located 2600 feet from closest wind turbine Continue to live in affected home and seek refuge in basement for partial relief. Children are adversely affected.

Tenor Family: Home located 2000 feet from closest wind turbine Continue to live in affected home due to financial inability to move out. Wife used to be very strong woman, hunting deer at over 60 years of age. Now is a shell of her former person. Husband also adversely affected.

Ashley Family: Home located 8300 feet from closest wind turbine All family members adversely affected. Moved into a small home in a local community, while continuing to pay taxes, utilities, and mortgage on the abandoned home. Continue to live as wind refugees waiting to return to the home they love. Are only able to return to wind project home for short periods of time due to sensitization to IWT emissions.

Ashenbrenner Family: Home located 6000 feet from closest wind turbine Ran family dairy farm with assistance from father who previously ran it for decades. Lost significant portion of herd following Shirley Wind turbine startup - cows, calves, and breeding bull Eventually had to sell remaining herd due to economic inability to continue dairy operation with reduced herd . Currently works several jobs to make ends meet after losing dairy farm operation.

Also: One other family, not recorded, the Enz Family, has been living as wind refugees in their RV for over 5 years while waiting to return to the home where they raised their family and hoped to live out their retirement years, but had to abandon due to severe heath effects from 4 nearby wind turbines. Home located 3200 feet from closest wind turbine.

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