Dr. Elizabeth Bowen, internationally respected physician activist, requests WHO to urgently consider the significance of the open letter regarding European industrial wind (and other) noise guideline revisions

North American Platform Against Wind Power

October 4, 2016

On September 24, 2016, in an email communication to Mme Héroux at the World Health Organization (WHO) marked URGENT, Dr. Elizabeth Bowen, of world renown for her work as past President of Physicians for Social Responsibility, representing more than 50,000 member physicians, and her universally respected work since 2001 as co-representative to the United Nations for the International Society of Doctors for the Environment, eagerly requested “best policy outcomes and applications” for the WHO’s new European Environmental Noise Guidelines, expected shortly.

Indicating her sincere support for the concerns that the international community has already expressed to WHO concerning noise and infrasound/low-frequency noise (ILFN) from industrial wind complexes, she attached the recent open letter signed now by more than 140 international scientists, physicians, acousticians, nurses, advocates, and academics addressed to Dr Héroux and panelists.

The endorsement of the open letter by Dr. Bowen is deeply significant. Given Dr. Bowen’s credentials, authenticity, and humanity, her governing principles of environmental justice for all, the endorsement of the open letter shows again the importance that the WHO must now place on the application of higher standards for industrial wind noise (including vibration and ILFN). The suffering and harm are no longer questioned: It is a matter of density and complexity of harm and effects that persons in homes, schools, and institutions cannot easily escape. Effects are noted in completely similar fashion world wide.

We sincerely thank Dr. Bowen for lending her support and authority to the open letter.

See:  Revision of WHO Environmental Noise Guidelines for the European Region

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