Rare Earths, Shadow Flicker, Landscape Ruination, Infrasound and Low-Frequency Noise, Vibration, Electromagnetic Fields: Wind Turbines in France Create Pure Hell for People and Animals

February 24, 2021

M. Eddie Puyjalon, leader of a French resistance to wind turbine proliferation, and his Legal Council M. Fabrice Di Vizio, announce a legal challenge to a “collective hell” from industrial wind in France. Their legal petition, claim is addressed to:

Mr Jean CASTEX, Prime Minister,
Mr. Olivier VERAN, Minister of Health and Solidarity
Madame Barbara POMPILI, Minister of Ecological Transition
Madame Elisabeth BORNE, former Minister for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition

Highly toxic rare earths have been detected in hair samples of both animals and people near industrial wind factories. In the claim and in personal communications, M. Di Vizio and his client, M. Puyjalon, describe the transmission /emission of toxic rare earth elements, electromagnetic attractions and other combined wind turbine impacts such as ILFN (Infrasound and Low Frequency Noise) as venomous, toxic, “killers.”


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