Response to “Sound and Vibration” regarding “Health effects from wind turbine low-frequency noise and infrasound” by Hessler, Leventhall, Schomer, and Walker

February 22, 2017

We read with some surprise, your referenced publication, “Health Effects….do wind turbines make people sick?” The very first paragraph of this publication shows bias and to our view, lack of the understanding of impacts that is now afforded even to ordinary people without degrees in acoustics or engineering. The authors, Hessler, Leventhall, Schomer and Walker, in our view, failed to reflect more adequately the current understanding and referenced work of persons such as Rick James, Jerry Punch, and Steven Cooper (and more, of course), as well as victim impact statements, which are readily available. ...


Also see: : Letter from Steven Cooper, author of the Cape Bridgewater study.
Download Hessler et al., “Health Effects from Wind Turbine Low-Frequency Noise & Infrasound”, Sound & Vibration, January 2017 (text only).

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